buttered toast and other fine artifacts

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Types of wiccans


It’s the oldest tradition, the first tradition in Wicca, created by Gerald Gardner. It’s practiced in covens; It has a god (horned god) and a greater emphasis on the goddess (tripple goddess: maiden, mother and crone); they practice rituals naked, initiation of 3 degrees (at least 3…

Cleansing Charging and Consacrating objects



1. Bury on dirt
2. wash the object on running water
3. leave the object on water with salt
4. bury on salt
5. pass the object through the smoke of an incense with cleansing power
6. pass the object close to the flames of a candle or any other source of fire (be careful not to burn…

The different Traditions of witchcraft


Witchcraft is a word that can be traced back to the celtic/germanic origins. The tradition of those people back in the days was honouring nature, healing, working with spirits among other practices. Today this word is used to describe many traditions that are not entirely related to the tradition…